The Importance of a Mentor


A few months ago I was in a rut of sorts.

I could not write. I could not focus, and I certainly lost inspiration for creative projects that were within my reach.

It`s exasperating when you know that you`re capable, but just can`t reach the potential that you know is simmering beneath. As I sat and questioned myself, I wondered what I could do to reignite the passion, so to speak. What did I do? I turned to my mentor to vent and let it all out so that I could get to the root of the problem.


Having a mentor is one of the key elements to a great support system and such a valuable tool that all entrepreneurs should have readily available in their arsenal. Knowing that you have someone who you can turn to for feedback in times of need is always comforting. But mentors are more than just another person on the receiving end of your rants and panic attacks. They are the extra lift you need when you`re down; your objective sounding board; an encyclopedic source of information; and last but not least, your proverbial kick in the you-know-what when needed. While your mentor`s role is an important one, you have to also be ready to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and prepare for war. It`s really a 50/50 split in order for you to feel any resemblance of what you know or where you need to be. When I started my business years ago, I made sure to seek out someone who I knew would be a breadth of information for what I was trying to accomplish, and a well-respected pillar in the community. Thankfully, the person that I have chosen to be my mentor has become a trusted adviser, and amazing friend who revitalized me and brought me back to reality.  From start-up entrepreneurs to CEO`s – believe me when I say that a mentor is never too far away.

Do you have a mentor? Have you thought about finding one? Check out Ten Thousand Coffees to connect with a mentor today.


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