Catching Up Is Hard To Do

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Well, the song says “breaking up is hard to do,” but I promise you, we’re not breaking up. Not by a long shot!

March 15th, 2019.

I’m seriously ashamed to say that that was the last time I wrote a blog entry. Many things have transpired since then. I’ve been working hard and I’m slowly learning how to reap the benefits in various ways – travel, social opportunities and business growth.

SAO Consulting has been blossoming exactly how I’ve wanted it to for a while now. I’m back to work full-time after having Sugar Plum and it’s been exceedingly difficult finding a rhythm. But let’s be truthful, is there even such thing as a distinct rhythm for those who own their own business and try to balance out the non-stop, pulling-out-my-hair hurdles and unequivocal joy that comes with motherhood?

A post for another month.

I have a lot to share on these pages! I’ve been working on some pretty cool projects lately – a  newly launched tech company, book editing, and an upcoming tech conference to name a few. A lot of the web content projects that I’ve worked on have unearthed some old skills that are coming to great use as well!

Again, another post for another month.

As you can see, I thankfully have a few blog posts coming your way, therefore if there isn’t a new blog post on these pages next month, you have every reason to send me a message demanding exactly what you need and have on your mind (please be gentle!).

In the meantime, feel free to let me know below what you’ve been up to and how business is treating you.

Until then, I shall touch base soon!

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CEO of Soulafrodisiac Consulting–I'm a logophile, music enthusiast and all-around grammar stickler.

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