PROJECT ALERT! Accelerate Your Tech Career With TALENT X

amc smiling in front of a window

A group of diverse eager and smiling professionals

Toronto is known as one of the top burgeoning cities for tech. With the insurgence of new faces and opportunities for up and coming prospects, having available support for those who are underrepresented is crucial.

Here is where Talent X comes in.

“The Face of Work is Changing. Are You Ready?” is their tagline and Talent X provides a support system and access to opportunities for everyone – a real representation of today’s diverse workforce.

To prepare you for the future of work in tech, Talent X offers programs for 3 career levels:

Early- and Mid-career Professionals
Senior Leadership

Each program is carefully curated and suited to its respective level to help you prepare for the road ahead in tech. Additionally, they offer resources such as networking events, affiliation with industry movers and shakers, support for ventures with talent-building programs and so much more.

I never considered myself a ‘woman of tech’, but looking at my corporate background and knowledge, it would be amiss of me not to (yes, I know and have used HTML on the job and have worked on the tech end). I support any initiative that is forward-thinking and looks out for the community in the process.

Talent X offers specialized programming, engagement opportunities and support to the tech talent ecosystem. A special thank you goes out to the digital marketing company KPDI for allowing me to work as the content creator on this amazing project.

Congrats to Lekan Olawoye and the entire Talent X team!

You can find Talent X on the following social sites:


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