Hello Again…How Are You Really Doing?

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It has been a minute, hasn’t it? Since August 15th, 2019 to be exact.

So much has transpired over the last year and change. It’s hard to believe where we find ourselves today.

The fight against systematic racism and oppression, parents becoming full-time teachers and more for their kids, single people coping with a new onset of loneliness and people losing their jobs being put in the predicament of figuring out how to support their family—all because of the effects of this pandemic. This, and more, have all been a heavy load to carry.

This isn’t the usual post and I’m not here to have a lengthy conversation about the usual work tidbits either. I did want my first post back to genuinely ask one question:

“How are you feeling?”

Please take your time and be gentle with yourselves.

I do hope that you are coping to the best of your ability with everything transpiring. I’ll be back next month (I promise!) to share, chat and let you know what’s on the horizon.

Be well,

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CEO of Soulafrodisiac Consulting–I'm a logophile, music enthusiast and all-around grammar stickler.

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