The Business of Small Business Building

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And I’m back!

So much has transpired over the *ahem* year and change that I’ve been away from my business blog. Notably, I’ve been putting in time and building my small business. Guys, I am crazy busy (and thankful). This photo above is a great depiction of how things are progressing now. Replace the young lady with my body and make my desk a little messier with sticky notes and writing pads strewn everywhere and a pair of Beats headphones I invested in to block out my screaming toddler when he plays with his superhero crew, but everything else is picture perfect.

Let’s talk about the obvious—building a small business or any business, takes time and effort and yes…plenty of time. With the emphasis on time. It doesn’t happen overnight. The cold calls, the networking, the emails, the strategy to get clients and the business projections. All of it and more. It’s all time consuming and the effort that you put in, you gloriously get out in the most ways down the line.

What is one tool you depend on to get or retain business clients? For me, it’s customer service. I know, it’s not a tool per se, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. If done right, customer service pays you back tenfold. You would be surprised how it can go a long way. Remember how a genuine ‘thank you and a smile’ from a cashier after ringing up your groceries was the norm? Now, some don’t even take the time or even care. Think about that for a moment. Clients not only remember how you deliver their request, but they also remember how they were treated in the process. Were you easy to work with? Were you professional? Did you extend yourself beyond the project at any time? Did you offer solid and constructive feedback without sounding condescending? Were you even nice? They may sound like ridiculous questions, but trust me they are all warranted.

I tend to do all of the above and more. I make sure my customer service is always at peak. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing extremely positive reviews from clients when they respond to my survey after the work is completed. I make sure that I’m professional, courteous, thorough and most of all, flexible with clients. It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile sometimes, just make sure it’s always within your boundaries. All of the above listed has helped me to retain many clients over the years and I’ve gone on to be recommended to others by many of my clients as well. I would say that a whopping 60% of my roster are returning clients and 40% are from referrals. Why? Because customer service is king.

Oh yes, and content. Great content is king.

I really hope that everyone is managing and prospering to the best of their ability right now. Sending good vibes out.

What is your weapon of choice to keep your business going? Let me know!

See you soon!

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