PROJECT ALERT! Accelerate Your Tech Career With TALENT X

A group of diverse eager and smiling professionals

Toronto is known as one of the top burgeoning cities for tech. With the insurgence of new faces and opportunities for up and coming prospects, having available support for those who are underrepresented is crucial.

Here is where Talent X comes in.

“The Face of Work is Changing. Are You Ready?” is their tagline and Talent X provides a support system and access to opportunities for everyone – a real representation of today’s diverse workforce.

To prepare you for the future of work in tech, Talent X offers programs for 3 career levels:

Early- and Mid-career Professionals
Senior Leadership

Each program is carefully curated and suited to its respective level to help you prepare for the road ahead in tech. Additionally, they offer resources such as networking events, affiliation with industry movers and shakers, support for ventures with talent-building programs and so much more.

I never considered myself a ‘woman of tech’, but looking at my corporate background and knowledge, it would be amiss of me not to (yes, I know and have used HTML on the job and have worked on the tech end). I support any initiative that is forward-thinking and looks out for the community in the process.

Talent X offers specialized programming, engagement opportunities and support to the tech talent ecosystem. A special thank you goes out to the digital marketing company KPDI for allowing me to work as the content creator on this amazing project.

Congrats to Lekan Olawoye and the entire Talent X team!

You can find Talent X on the following social sites:


Catching Up Is Hard To Do

adult black woman working at her desk
Photo by Christina Morillo

Well, the song says “breaking up is hard to do,” but I promise you, we’re not breaking up. Not by a long shot!

March 15th, 2019.

I’m seriously ashamed to say that that was the last time I wrote a blog entry. Many things have transpired since then. I’ve been working hard and I’m slowly learning how to reap the benefits in various ways – travel, social opportunities and business growth.

SAO Consulting has been blossoming exactly how I’ve wanted it to for a while now. I’m back to work full-time after having Sugar Plum and it’s been exceedingly difficult finding a rhythm. But let’s be truthful, is there even such thing as a distinct rhythm for those who own their own business and try to balance out the non-stop, pulling-out-my-hair hurdles and unequivocal joy that comes with motherhood?

A post for another month.

I have a lot to share on these pages! I’ve been working on some pretty cool projects lately – a  newly launched tech company, book editing, and an upcoming tech conference to name a few. A lot of the web content projects that I’ve worked on have unearthed some old skills that are coming to great use as well!

Again, another post for another month.

As you can see, I thankfully have a few blog posts coming your way, therefore if there isn’t a new blog post on these pages next month, you have every reason to send me a message demanding exactly what you need and have on your mind (please be gentle!).

In the meantime, feel free to let me know below what you’ve been up to and how business is treating you.

Until then, I shall touch base soon!

Emily Mills’ How She Hustles Supports The She-EO In You

On Wednesday, March 6th, I had the honour and pleasure of working social media for Emily Mills’ sold out How She Hustles networking event. Celebrating International Women’s Day, 150 women out of the How She Hustles network gathered together at Cambria to exchange business cards and share a word or two of encouragement in a judgement-free, uplifting and enjoyable space.

I’ve written about How She Hustles previously on these pages. Emily started this venture in 2010 with a small contingency of women that has grown into a diverse ecosystem in itself.  I’m no stranger to the group, as I’ve been attending How She Hustles events since 2011 upon my return to Canada from New York City. Then, Emily was producing brunches and has now moved on to meet-ups and panels with phenomenal panellists sharing their knowledge in financing, media and more. Luckily for me, I’ve been called upon and have thoroughly enjoyed working on more than a few of her events, including the ground-breaking HERstory In Black at the CBC Broadcasting Centre in February 2017.

Emily’s events continue to provide a space for female empowerment. It’s for female entrepreneurs, side hustlers and innovative leaders who like to enjoy the company of like-minded women on the same journey. A place to learn, share in experiences and meet others in the community pushing forward on their own terms.

A How She Hustles event ticket is a coveted one with tickets usually selling out within a week of an announcement going out. If you get a chance and you’re looking to join an ever-growing network with boss-ladies from all over the world, keep your eye out for the next event!

In the meantime, you can find more information about award-winning entrepreneur Emily Mills and How She Hustles here.

PROJECT ALERT! Working with The TD Black Diamond Ball for another year!

Happy New Year!

I would like to extend warm wishes to you and your family. Cheers to a prosperous year on the horizon!

How has the new year been treating you? Well, 2019 has already been off to a great start on this end!

Thanks to the amazing marketing agency My Mentor Said, I have been involved with creating content for the TD Black Diamond Ball for 3 consecutive years! It’s a great gig and I intend to ride it until the wheels fall off. It all takes place on Saturday, February 23rd, at the Fairmont Royal Hotel. Now in its fourth year, the TD Black Diamond Ball has become the go-to event to attend during Black History Month. Each year the community buzzes with excitement regarding the announcement of musical guests, the TD event schedule for the month and what their show-stopping outfit will be. Attendees are a generous mix of community members, TV personalities, community leaders, singers, and entertainers from Canada, the US and beyond. Of course, this is all done for an important cause, raising funds to support youth initiatives in the city. The theme for 2019 is Afroglam and I’m sure the attendees will turn up and out with jaw-dropping designs to set the red carpet ablaze.

It’s a swanky affair and you should attend! Remember amongst the pomp and glam, it is for a fantastic cause. I may see you there!

You can find out more information about the TD Black Diamond Ball here.