A content writer is keen on tone, storytelling and clarity, among other things. Writing content consists of using keywords in the right context. Your content influences how you acquire clients and your branding authority in the online world and beyond. Above all, using search engine optimization (SEO) on your website pages will help your site rank higher in search engines. Be persuasive with your copy. Let me know how I can help you with your content writing needs.


We’re always interested in someone’s background story. Whether it be the CEO of a corporation or the Mom and Pop store owners next door, inquiring minds want to know. What did their business acumen consist of? What propelled them to where they are today? What were their humble beginnings like? Everyone should have a corporate biography for prospective clients to get a hint of their business personality. Biographies of corporate leaders and business owners possess information that may not be found otherwise. Let me know how I can help you make your business story stand out from the rest.


As the saying goes, “content is king.” Ideally, you want your content to be Google’s best friend. A huge component of your content standing out is by hiring a capable editing and proofreading service. An extra professional eye is needed in order to review corporate documents, blog posts, website content, your book and more. One simple error can affect the tone, message and presentation of your document. I provide meticulous proofreading, formatting and editing services so your documents reflect the presence your company works tirelessly to maintain. 


With 18 years experience, freelance writing opportunities for various media outlets continue to be one of my passions. As a result, I’ve written for companies such as Centric TV/VH1 Networks, Silvertrust Media (Planet Africa Magazine, Diversity Magazine etc.) and to name a few. What angle are you looking for? I offer festival coverage, interviews, feature articles and more.


Writing a novel or print book, blog, white paper, e-book or large-scale literary work can be overwhelming for anyone. Therefore, why not consider the professional work of a ghostwriter? As a ghostwriter, I’ll collaborate with you on the fine points and you can leave the rest to me. Put your ideas in capable hands while you shift your focus to that gargantuan report on your desk due in the next hour.  


If you’ve been steadily collecting emails to start your monthly newsletter, but have no idea where to begin, I’m here to help! Amassing a client list to send business news or activities to your loyal client base is not an easy feat. Starting with your newsletter sign up lists and moving on to a newsletter layout is just the beginning. The objective of your newsletter is to provide exciting tidbits, client freebies and more all while maintaining your brand voice. Your main topic of interest should reflect a part of your business that clients will engage with. Your newsletter should be error-free, clean and precise. I have a lot of ideas that we can put into motion for your business–let’s talk.


The sheer power of a well-written press or media release is undeniable. Therefore, conveying the right message behind your release will entice the right people on your press and media release contact list. Are you having an event or working on a project that needs some finesse? Relay your message to various media outlets and garner the exposure that you seek. Let me work with you to create a campaign that will tell your story and amass the traction you’re looking for.


You would like to start a professional blog for your business but are not sure where to begin. First of all, having a professional blog on your website could lead to higher conversions. Topics can run the gamut–from productivity tools to sharing tips about your favourite financial reads. Basically, whatever you think your clientele would enjoy reading, I can help you create and bring to life. Together, we will discuss what direction you would like to take your blog, what type of audience you want to reach, what your voice will be and more.


It’s important to be as succinct as you can be with your messaging. In order to reach potential clients or your readers, your script should be plain and clear. What are you trying to convey and using what medium? Let me assist you with your scriptwriting projects. Whether it be for short/long form video or for your event, we can work together on creating a script reflective of the ambiance you would like to achieve or the message you would like to promote for the project at hand.