PROJECT ALERT! Accelerate Your Tech Career With TALENT X

Toronto is known as one of the top burgeoning cities for tech. With the insurgence of new faces and opportunities for up and coming prospects, having available support for those who are underrepresented is crucial. Here is where Talent X comes in. “The Face of Work is Changing. Are You Ready?” is their tagline andContinue reading “PROJECT ALERT! Accelerate Your Tech Career With TALENT X”

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

Well, the song says “breaking up is hard to do,” but I promise you, we’re not breaking up. Not by a long shot! March 15th, 2019. I’m seriously ashamed to say that that was the last time I wrote a blog entry. Many things have transpired since then. I’ve been working hard and I’m slowlyContinue reading “Catching Up Is Hard To Do”