Project Alert! I’m an Editor of a Canadian novel!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have added book editor to my list!   Many years ago I attended NYU and acquired a certificate in Publishing and Editing which has come in pretty handy with the work I do. Let’s put it this way, I’m not a novice with my red strike! I’ve been editing and proofingContinue reading “Project Alert! I’m an Editor of a Canadian novel!”

Progressing and taking on challenges as we go

I know, it’s been a minute since I have come through and I apologize profusely for the neglect. As we all know, there is merely an excuse for missing out on my monthly chat with you all.  However, I am going to fully explain my legit excuse and hope it strikes a nerve of forgiveness inContinue reading “Progressing and taking on challenges as we go”

What Does 2016 Have In Store for You?

Even though we are a good 20 days into the new year, I am sending an abundance of wealth and happiness your way for 2016. With the above being said, you must have already laid out your plans to take over 2016. Some have decided to go the route of a resolution, or perhaps youContinue reading “What Does 2016 Have In Store for You?”

The Importance of a Mentor

  A few months ago I was in a rut of sorts. I could not write. I could not focus, and I certainly lost inspiration for creative projects that were within my reach. It`s exasperating when you know that you`re capable, but just can`t reach the potential that you know is simmering beneath. As IContinue reading “The Importance of a Mentor”